What Does A Tire Rotation Do?

You have probably heard the term "tire rotation", but do you know what exactly it is and what the benefits of it are? Well, for starters, a tire rotation is just that - it is the process of rotating your vehicle's tires or in other words, switching around your tires. The purpose of this process is to simply make sure that your vehicle's tires wear evenly in order to extend the overall life of your tires. 

The weight of the front axles and the rear axles are different, which is why the front and back tires will wear differently from each other. The front tires will typically bear more weight, which is why having them rotated to the back will help reduce wear on those tires and make all of your car's tires wear more evenly as a whole. 

A tire rotation will:

  • Ensure that your tires wear evenly
  • Move your front tires to the back and switch sides
  • Extend the overall life of your tires
  • Give our mechanics the chance to make sure your vehicle's alignment and balancing is correct

How often is a tire rotation recommended? We recommend a tire rotation every 5,000 miles or so, as it is a quick and painless job that will end up saving you hundreds on tires in the long run. If it has been a while since your last tire rotation, give us a call here at D & J's Automotive for assistance! 

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